Pre Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre Engineered Metal Buildings have multiple uses. We have used metal buildings to construct warehouses as large as 100,000 square feet and also used them to construct a small 900 square foot shop. We have used them for churches, shopping centers, agricultural buildings and even homes!


Most construction companies that build metal buildings are “dealers” for one specific manufacturer, meaning that they can only buy from that manufacturer.


JJ Hardee Construction and Design is an independent Metal Building Construction Company which means we are able to buy from multiple manufacturers. We can shop for the best deal for you without any constraints! This equals savings for you! $$


We are the leading innovator in our area to transform a seemingly cold and sterile metal building into a warm and beautiful building using multiple construction products. There are instances where a metal building is more cost effective to use than conventional wood framing. Sometimes we combine the two. Come into today and let us evaluate your project and “value engineer” it to save you money.



We begin by meeting with you, our client, to understand what your building needs are. We can then answer any questions you have and even provide preliminary plans or estimated cost. FREE! We will guide you through the entire process. “From Concept to Completion” we are here to make your building experience an enjoyable one.

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